Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of silk comforters?
Why should I choose a Silk comforter over a Down Comforter?
What is the difference between Mulberry and Tussah silk fill?  
How do I select the right comforter with the appropriate weight?
Why don’t you offer heavy weight comforters for extremely cold weathers?
How are silk comforters made?
What is the care instruction for SilkSation silk comforters?
What is your return policy?
What are the shipping rates?

1.  What are the benefits of silk Comforters?

Please visit our Silk Benefits Page
2.  Why should I choose a Silk comforter over a Down Comforter?

There are many reasons for choosing silk comforters over down comforters.  

  • Cost:  Our silk comforters are comparable in comfort and luxury to high quality down
    comforters .  However, high quality down comforters range in price from $400-$1000.  Our
    silk comforters are priced from $129 to $249.  

  • Naturally hypoallergenic:  Silk comforters are naturally hypoallergenic.  Down comforters, on
    the other hand, require an added component such as Syriaca clusters to make it dust and
    mite resistant.

  • Maintenance:  If down gets wet, it must be dried out immediately, otherwise mildew and
    fungus will start growing inside the comforter.  With silk comforters moisture will pass
    through and won’t get trapped. If it gets wet simply hang dry for a couple hours or tumble-
    dry on low and re-use.  

  • Filling:  Silk filling will not shift over time as down does. To minimize shifting, down
    comforters use a baffling design to maintain consistency.  Silk, however, is held together by
    a protein call sericin.  It acts as both an adhesive and a stabilizer.  Therefore, no baffling or
    quilting is required for silk comforters.

  • Odor – Silk comforters are odorless, as compare to the unavoidable odor of lower grade
    down comforters.   

  • Storage - Down comforters have strict requirements for storage.  Silk comforters can be
    stored in any way. Just simply air out for a couple of hours before and after storage.
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3. What is the difference with Mulberry and Tussah silk fill?

Mulberry silk is farmed in Zhejiang Province of China, an area known for its fertile soil
and mild climate.  Silkworms are fed with only mulberry leaves, therefore the silk
produced are very pure and naturally white in color.   It is only through this process
the best silk can be produced by the silkworm, hence called Mulberry Silk.  Because of
its purity, mulberry silk is very uniform in consistency and is not processed before
placing in layers for the comforter filling.  It is thicker in diameter when compared to
tussah or wild silk floss, so usually its usage life is longer than that of the tussah or
wile silk.  

Tussah silk, a type of wild silk, is of lower quality even though it has all the quality of
silk.  Unlike mulberry silk, the silk worms are not pampered and eat anything available.
For this reason the silk produced by these silk worms will vary in color, ranging from
light brown to dark gray. Tussah silk is usually processed before using in the finished
product.  The process involves cleaning and bleaching the silk floss.

Because of the higher quality of mulberry silk, the amount of labor involved in raising
mulberry silkworms and their strict diets, mulberry silk is higher in price.  We offer both
Tussah and Mulberry silk options to cater to the different needs of our customers.
4. How do I select the right comforter with the appropriate weight?

The weight you should select depending on where you live and the temperature.  We
offer two different weight selections:  Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.  Since the weight
of the silk comforter really depends on the heating condition of your house, your room,
your geographic location, and your level of comfort, we recommend purchasing both
weights of comforters so that you can interchange them depending on the season, and
use them in combination during extra cold weather.  
5. Why don’t you offer heavy weight comforters for extremely cold weathers?

Instead of offering a heavy weight comforter that you can use only during extreme cold
weather, we offer two different weights of comforters to allow you the flexibility to
combine both into one during extremely cold weathers.
6. How are silk comforters made?

Silk comforters are filled with layers of silk floss.  Silk floss is obtained from silkworm
cocoons that are softened in water, and manually hand stretched into thin layers, which
are then placed on top of each other to form the comforter batting.  Each comforter
consists of roughly 3000 cocoons for each 1kg of weight.

The outer shell of a silk comforter is made from 100% cotton fabric.  We choose to use
100% cotton because cotton is another natural material that blends very well with the
silk floss inside.  In addition, it is very practical and economical for everyday use.    
7. What is the care instruction for SilkSation silk comforters?

Silk comforters are the easiest to maintain comforters on the market.  With property
usage, no washing or dry cleaning is required, mostly due to silk’s nature of being
mildew and mold resistant.  Proper usage implies using a duvet cover at all times to
protect the silk comforter, so only cleaning of the duvet cover is necessary.  However, if
you really need to clean the silk comforter for whatever reason, try to spot clean by hand
with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Either line dry or tumble dry at
low temperature.  Use an extra large capacity washer and dryer.  

Machine washing will damage the layering system of the silk comforter and therefore not
8. What is your return policy?

Please examine all products upon receipt and notify us immediately upon product delivery
of damaged merchandise.  Damaged items will be replaced with an identical item at no
cost to the customer.

We have a 30-day return policy.  Within 30 days of delivery, if you are not happy with our
product, will refund your money, less shipping and handling cost.  For
health and hygiene reasons, only new and unused products in their original packaging are
accepted for returns.    

A Return Authorization Code (RAC) is required for all returns.  To obtain a RAC and the
return address, please send us an email with your contact information, original order
information, and reason for the return.  Please note that refunds can be given only if the
product is in its original packaging, with its original tags, and in unused condition.  

Return Authorization Codes expire 14 days after they are issued, so please send your
return item immediately to the address provided after arrangements have been made with
SilkSation.  We recommend using a shipping method that provides tracking so that you
can check the status of your return. Please allow at least 10 business days from receipt
of return for credits to be issued.

Customers are responsible for securely shipping and insuring products being returned.
9. What are the shipping rates?

Please click here for shipping rates.
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