We have used the SilkSac for a few months now, since my son was 3 months old.  This is a
must-have!  Our son would constantly break out of his swaddle by kicking his legs, and then he would
wake up because he was cold.  With the SilkSac, he still kicks, but he doesn't get cold.  We put him in a
long-sleeve onesie, then right into the SilkSac.  It's lightweight, yet still incredibly warm.  Another
bonus is we don't have to worry about blankets bunching up and smothering him.  We totally love this
product and we recommend this product to every new parent we run across.

Ted, Boston  MA

I just want to say how happy I am with the SilkSac.  I have a large size SilkSac, and the design is
simple, but convenient.  The part I like the most is the silk batting.  Not only is it incredibly soft, it
makes me feel good to know that my daughter is in a sleeping bag that is made of 100% natural
material.  My daughter has been using it for 6 months now, and will grow out of it soon.  I only hope
SilkSation can make bigger size SilkSac than 18 months.    

Jenny B, Newport, OR

Very easy purchase - smooth transaction and communication. The
Silk sleepsack is just as described. Well-made and cute. Would happily
purchase again! Thank you.

Anthea C, Japan

This is the only sleep sack that help my baby sleep through the night.  I have recommended the SilkSac
to everyone in the mother's group that I belonged to.

Mary W, Hallandale FL
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7 month old Ariane Hofman:

We don't need many words to tell you how much we enjoy the SilkSac.These
pictures say it all.  Is there a more peacefull sleep than this?
The baby is 7 month old Ariane, my granddaugther.  She spends a lot of time
at her grandparents' and when it is time to go home in the evening it is so
easy taking her out of her crib,into her carseat without having to put on
coats and blankets.  Even now in summer she wears the SilkSac,because we
live in a warm country and put on the airconditioning.  This SilkSac will go on
to my next grandchild and Ariane will get a bigger one.
Elliott & Proud Mother Marissa:

Elliott in his original SilkSac and his new SilkSac II which we just
ordered.  As you can see, he absolutely loves being in it.  It's
comfortable, warm and lightweight.  Best of all, now that he's
mobile, he's able to flip around in his Sac and can comfortably
move from tummy to back on his own.  When we use traditional
blankets and he's flipping/rolling around in his crib, he usually
ends up blanketless (and very cold!). Now we don't have to
check on him to make sure he's warm. It's great and it has
allowed both Elliott and me to sleep through the night much
10 month old Scotty:

As our son began to outgrow swaddling, we sought out a
sleeping bag to keep him warm at night without loose blankets
in the crib. We were pleased to find the SilkSac met all of our
criteria:  affordable, easy care, not constricting, constructed of
natural materials (free of chemical fire retardants, etc.) and
breathable—giving him comfortable rest in both cold and warm
weather.  Now Scotty associates naps and bedtime with getting
in and zipping up the Sac as part of his routine whether at
home or away.  Upon waking, our little one greets us with a
huge smile, standing up in the SilkSac safely inside his crib,
another benefit.  He's now 10 months old and has enjoyed his
SilkSac for over half of his life.

Thank you for a great product!
SilkSac Testimonials
8 month old Mickella:

Mickella has been using the SilkSac since she was 2 months old,
and she started sleeping through the night as soon as I started
using the SilkSac on  her.  What an amazing product.